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Mission and vision


On the way ahead, respect for customers and their satisfaction is one of our major goals, which we are working on to achieve this goal by producing high quality and a variety of products.

With the development of Sepehr Leather Company development plan, we intend to expand our activities in the domestic and international markets and to play an important role by providing job opportunities in the development of industry and national production.

Sepehr Charm Khavarmianeh, is a manufacturer of all types of artificial leather, in order to continue its quantitative and qualitative activities, optimally uses its facilities for customer satisfaction. Its strategic orientations have focused on the following areas.

Understanding and identifying our customers’ demands, legal requirements, safety and efforts to meet them.

Belief in human resources and participation of this force as the main capital of the organization and efforts to maintain the dignity of this capital and increase productivity and raise the level of employee knowledge, promote teamwork and increase creativity and innovation through continuous education.

Continuous improvement through the implementation of a quality management system, Continuous improvement through the implementation of a quality management system, and Reducing waste for optimum use of existing resources is our goal.

With the participation of all employees in Sepehr Charm Khavamianeh, it is obliged to implement and institutionalize the above policy in the organization and put this policy at the top of the agenda in order to achieve the goals of ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and customer requirements.

Sepehr Charm Khavamianeh has put Maintenance and environmental development at the forefront of its manufacturing process and has taken effective steps in this regard.

The company’s mission is to produce quality artificial leather, considering environmental protection factors.

For this reason, Sepehr Charm Khavamianeh is known as a modern company and environmental supporter with standardization and modernization of equipment and process improvement, and all the activities and processes of the company are environmentally friendly.

Since the establishment of the factory, this industry has been one of the most environmentally friendly industries and has always used the following environmental strategies to achieve this or to maintain its sustainable environment:

_Maximum efforts to prevent destructive environmental effects, the use of new equipment, machinery and technology, the implementation of a committed environmental management,

_Supervising, documenting and presenting environmental reports in accordance with national and local laws and their compliance with international standards and subsidiary bodies.

_Regularly reviewing plans and programs to achieve sustainable environment,

_Product development based on customer survey,

The needs and opinions of customers play an important role in the development of Sepehr products. The customer service department receives about 7,000 comments from its customers. For example, the production of leather goods with a softer fabric and in a wide range of colors, adjusted to customer feedback, is adjusted annually. It is precisely this customer feedback that enables the production of a higher quality product for the Sepehr.

Variety of manufactured products and quality: Artificial leather in the automotive industry, office furniture and chairs, bags and shoes, jackets and belts, Office cover and maturity, Flooring and so on.

Sepehr Charm Khavamianeh, raw material inspection and inspection during and after the production are carefully reviewed according to the specific standards and requirements of the customer. Ultimately, customer satisfaction is one of the goals of this organization which will be achieved.

This tireless effort in the field of entrepreneurship and national production, based on the Almighty God, continues to serve the purpose of serving our allies.